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Meet Ms. Boyd

Impact | Influence | Inspire

Your Coach & Consultant

Hi! I'm Shelby Boyd, I'm a High School English Language Arts Teacher and I am living proof that community matters.


After a decade of youth mobilization, both as a Mental Health Specialist (under the guide of the NYS Office of Mental Health) and as a 911 Police Dispatcher, I am ready to be of service in a new way. With my life and work experiences, a love for English, and a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership, I want to take everything I discovered about life, learning, culture, human behavior, self development, & social impact strategies to attempt my own spin at education & mentorship. 


Generational differences mean different social norms, challenges, obstacles, pressures, and different self-efficiency skills. This means the approach and the tactics to re-engage people should also be different. My desire to give back the support & mentorship that I have been given is because it was undeniably the power of community that was central to my long-term success. 


Understanding that being an influence can look so many different ways sparked my entrepreneurial journey that I marked as Jsay Strategy Solutions - a relationship oriented organization dedicated to youth outreach, social impact, & community wellness.

Thank you for stopping by.

I have a vision for me and you, let's create!

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Did you know?

"Educators grappling with horrendous learning loss among U.S students say 2024 is the time to meet kids where they are and change approaches." 

- National Parents Union

Are you prepared?

"75% of high school graduates say they were slightly or not at all prepared to make college or career decisions after graduation." 

- U.S News & World Report

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