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Our Services 

Jsay Strategy Solutions is not your typical learning experience. We blend innovative teaching methods, engaging content, along with a supportive community to create an educational environment where students can thrive. Our program is designed to inspire, challenge, and empower teens and young adults to identify their strengths and interests. Book with us to authenticate your journey & reach new heights both academically and personally. Jsay can't wait to work with you. Below is a description of each service provided.

*Location will vary and services can be provided virtually

1 - 1 Hire Shelby

as Your Education Coach

(1 Hour Session)

Our 1-on-1 educational coaching offers a unique and tailored approach to enhance your academic journey. You can expect: help with individualized learning plans, focused academic support, study skills and time management, customized curriculum support, english tutoring, test and exam strategies, flexible scheduling, life strategies, feedback & performance analysis, and assistance with all things college & career readiness.

English Tutoring Group

(1.5 Hour Session)

Learning lab for up to 5 students

College & Career 1-on-1

(1.5 Hour Session )

Transition from high school to higher education or the workforce with ease. This program's key components include: career exploration and assessment, college and university research, resume building and interview skills, financial aid and scholarship guidance, test preparation and strategies, college application support, professional networking and internship opportunities, soft skill development, transition planning, academic writing, do’s & don’ts of social media, personal branding in high school, and all things social etiquette.

Decide & Design Workshops

(1.5 Hour Session)

All things included in College & Career for up to 20 students.

English Tutoring 1-on-1

( 1.5 Hour Session )

English tutoring services provide targeted support to enhance your language skills, foster confidence, and achieve proficiency. Service includes: personalized learning plans, individualized attention, custom curriculums, reading and comprehension strategies, writing skills development, MLA/APA format development, grammar and language mechanics, test preparation, vocabulary enhancement, college application/college essay and FASFA help. 

Life Strategies 1-on-1 

(1.5 Hour Session)

Life strategy practice is a dynamic and interactive plan designed to equip a student with essential life skills, empowering them to navigate challenges, set meaningful goals, and thrive academically and personally. Topics and activities are centered around: conflict resolution, overcoming limiting beliefs, changing thought processes, identifying values & boundaries, making constructive habits stick, setting up proper systems, finding ways to be more consistent, and implementing routines that foster growth.

Earth School Workshop

(1.5 Hour Session )

All things included in Life Strategies for up to 20 students. 

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